Creepy Barbie body part jewelry (12 photos)

a barbie body part jewelry 111 Creepy Barbie body part jewelry (12 photos)

Click HERE to purchase your very own creepy Barbie jewelry on Etsy.

Check out the Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie dolls when you have a hot second.

  • Equalizer

    Barbie Killer!

  • KP

    What have you done??!!??


  • ser

    alot of those are really clever actually!

  • Meve

    yeah I actually like many of them

  • Annooonnnnn

    maybe that should be tried on with Ken and Action Man dolls too….

    or i should try it out myself😛

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  • luchi

    em nesesito saber x favor como se hace para poner una imagen osea un corazon esas cosas ala foto y magen

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