• Sarah


    • chloe

      get well soon all

  • boneman

    so, Farmer Brown lives down the road, and everyday when I drove by, I would notice his lamb with her wooden leg. I finally stopped and asked about it, one day, and he told me about how he had turned wrong on his tractor and it flipped and fell on him, and his lamb came down and pulled him out from under the tractor and limped all the wau back to the farm house and got help.
    “Wow!” I said…”and that’s how she got a wooden lag?”
    “Oh no…no…but then just a couple of weeks later, late in the night while we were all sleeping, the fireplace sparked a fire and caught the whol;e downstairs in a blaze! Well, she jumped in the front window, ran upstairs and woke the whole family and we escaped by climbing out onto the porch roof and jumping off. The lamb stayed back till EVERYONE was safe, and then she jumped!”
    “WOW!,” I said, absolutely dumbfounded, “and THAT’S how she got a wooden leg?”
    “No,” said the farmer.
    “Well, how come she has a wooden leg?!” I asked.
    “Well, son, when you have a lamb THAT good, you don’t want to eat her all at once.”


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  • Rosie

    poor things, very cute though!

  • Andre

    Military women all look like men and act like men, including #19..obviously if they wtnead to be seen as women they’d chosen a different job. They simply suck!

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