Mooqla Dolls (20 photos)

a doll mooqla 04 Mooqla Dolls (20 photos)

Have you seen the creepy Barbie body part jewelry? Click HERE to check it out.

  • conquistadora

    these all look like fetal alcohol babies that made it to their 16th year…what gives?O_o

  • nikiinthegarden

    yeh, some of them do. groosss. and their so emaciated.

  • furby

    bjd’s are way better

  • Megan

    that one looks like TI's wife lololollool!

  • Anonymous

    #4 looks like Suri Cruise

  • Bean

    #4 looks like Suri Cruise

  • Katrina

    What happened to these dolls and the business?

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