• Equalizer

    I bet that hurts.

  • coisasdenivea

    so confortable >.<
    I liked the shoes with the gameboy .-.

  • Anonymous

    The first one is Chinese foot binding, look it up. The 6th or so one, the one that looked like real feet, I believe are the prostetics worn by the hobbit actors in the LOTR movies.

  • Digitsis

    While the others look strange that first one of the foot binding is harrowing. I cannot imagine there are still many woman alive who are victims of foot binding. I hope it is a tradition that is dying out.

    • KayJay

      it is in most parts of China. through informing generations, the tradition has slowly died out

  • Bee

    I personally think the alligator converse look comfy and awesome….

    • dailin

      Those alligator Converse are Photoshopped. I remember seeing them a couple of years ago on another site.

  • Tina

    No pointe shoes? Haha, if you think those shoes are bad, imagine having to dance a one or two hour show completely on the tips of your toes.

  • Castiel

    Some of these look like torture devices.

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