• HellHathNoFury

    You can definitely tell what women’s priorities are by their purse contents!

  • Ckret

    Hmmmmmm I didn’t notice any tampons. I may have just missed them but that’s always an essential to carry with you.

    • PMJ

      I agree … i also checked for that … definately an essential!:)

      • eternal

        i only carry them with me around/during that time of the month

  • nikiinthegarden

    i love # 7. that’s totally me. lol

  • Digitsis

    This is an interesting project. I too carry a variety of sharpies and highlighters. And lip balm. Cannot be without the lip balm.

  • Kelsey

    What’s that banana case used for?

    • Chubby

      To carry a banana with you without bruising it. Got that case too cause I HATE bruised bananas.

  • ladyguitarstar

    Its used to hold a banana.
    She has a kid. I like no. 4. she has a passport, and a gerber, ( the red tool) whats up with the blue case with mysterious pills in it on no. 9 i believe. hrmm..

  • susie

    u do not need a tamigotchi!!

  • Aa

    … cos you never know when you may need that spork…

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  • cookiemonster

    one of the most important items on my purse includes comb, handkerchief or tissues, cellphone and alcogel, i don’t put my wallet on my purse I keep them on my pocket for safety reasons

  • eternal

    car keys, cell phone, wristlet with id and money, hand sanitizer, a pen, the switchblade my hubby insists i carry in a hidden pocket, checkbook, loose change, gum, ipod, tissues and random barrettes/hair clips belonging to my daughter

  • SayWhat

    where are the condoms..no safe sex..?

  • GoofOff

    No one must be a smoker either, I saw lighters but noting to light….

    • GoofOff

      Never mind…saw them on a second look ;p

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