I want to meet the couples that ordered these wedding cakes (20 photos)

a wedding cake weird 5 I want to meet the couples that ordered these wedding cakes (20 photos)

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  • Sarah

    Wow, I can’t believe someone had a wedding cake made to look like the bride! I bet she’s an absolute joy to be around!

    • Big Bob

      They got it all wrong, I don’t think that’s what he had in mind when the groom said he wanted to eat the bride…

  • Gabrielle

    LOL….. I just think that it looks super tacky! Horrible idea all together. Looks like she’s a bit of a narcissist and what guy agrees to pay for a cake like that EW!

  • Neil

    The cake with the crashed plane on it belonged to David Malki ! of Wondermark! fame. Here’s a post on his blog about it.


  • peabody

    6 and 7 one… REALLY!!!!

    • guest

      i think i seen that one on bridezillas. she seemed like an awful person.

  • Ariel

    above re: kniwong/using the tools: My boy and his pal were working on a marketing project the other day. Story boarding a commercial. Pal says They lie a lot in advertising, we really shouldn’t do that. My guy says Well, we can stretch the truth a little’ .! HAHAHA!! Having worked in TV for years, I’ve been proactive in teaching him about what advertising is all about maybe a little *too* proactive!! Kids are smart. Your kids will be uber-smart!:)

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