Afternoon eye candy (26 photos)

a eye candy 11 13 16 Afternoon eye candy (26 photos)

Want to see another rough and rugged guy? Click HERE to see Hugh Jackman. You’re welcome!

  • cmg

    Well I’m totally outraged and saddened over this blatant display of the sexual objectification of men. for shame! for shame!

    Now excuse me while I head back to The Chive and finish downloading the best of this weeks hotties.😀

    • HellHathNoFury

      I also disapprove of the way you women are treating these men like meat! I of course must have their addresses and names so that I may um….personally apologize on behalf of all women, everywhere. Of course, that’s why.

      • Sweet Nothings

        I dunno, I think it’s nice that women (and gay men) finally have their own little hottie corner- it makes up for the fact that 95% of the other “hotties” are scantily clad women. If we’re going to be drooling over our keyboards, we can at least be a bit more egalitarian about it.

  • tigerjeff

    I do hope you understand, that you displaying all of these sexually explicit photos is an open invitation for men, to start thinking that women might like sex….! What are you going to use as a weapon when it becomes general knowledge amongst men…?
    Silly silly girl …!

    • jANY


      • tigerjeff

        OK. Apart from beer, a female persons greatest weapon is the fallacy that she doesn’t like sex, but, ” I will let you if..”, you buy me stuff, put out the garbage, be nice to my mother,
        on and on and on… I really don’t want to but….
        Man comes out of it and fights the rest of his life to get back into it..!
        Sorry for raving… got all excited… have to go back to the Chive and get a grip of myself..

  • eamer

    Abs=Not aways hot/sometimes creepy.

  • LOL

    Um. John? Leo? Chive? I fuckin’ love y’all! LOL!! Thank you……

  • JCrew

    I prefer men who like women.

  • dragontamer363


    Ahh teh wonders of SheChive. all the awesomeness of chive, none of the broing boobs.

    bravo, bravo😀

    and as far as sexual objectification goes, if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em :p

  • Katyoh

    Now ladies, calm down, we all know we are not visually stimulated!!!

  • dd

    some of the abs actually freak me out. they’re not always sexy, no matter what people say.

  • Katyoh

    I like ALL of them especially the low-cut jeans ones, however everyone is different. Some of my friends even prefer effeminate looking men

  • gah

    i like the one where the guy (in his room) looks down at his boxers- it kinda turns me on ;D

  • Shmo

    yes. Thank you!!

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