Future makeup artists (24 photos)

a makeup tips and tricks 13 Future makeup artists (24 photos)

Kylie Minogue’s makeup artist has been busy. Click HERE to see why!

  • coisasdenivea

    oh my gosh! Wth?!!?

  • hipporox

    Okay… some of these are just horrific

  • s3xt0y

    Some people should stick to their day job lol.

    Also I believe woman should not wear make up, natural beauty is beautiful.

  • Digitsis

    last two are guys right?

  • skeptis

    you know i’m really glad we didn’t have digital cameras and iphones when i was 12 cause i’d probably be in here !

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  • Piglet

    Hey-hey-hey! Leave Dee Schneider out of this!

  • Amanda

    Some of them aren't bad, depending on the context.

    Especially Dee Schneider. His makeup kicks ass.

  • Ashley

    Most of these are horrific, but some of them could actually be cool if they just polished it a bit.

  • Maila

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  • Sin211

    Future make up artist?! Wtf these are ALL horrible!!

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