Were you thinking when you thought of that? (14 photos)

a worst idea ever 31 Were you thinking when you thought of that? (14 photos)

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  • psarae

    I kinda like the fourth girl’s hair.

    • cmg

      it’s not bad, kinda cute, but at the same time her along with the dogs in 10 make me feel like I’m having an acid flashback

    • adhd

      lol stupid EMO

  • yessi

    The first picture is Pat and Sarah from Collegehumor
    and i agree with psarae the fourth girl’s hair looks nice

    • Brandon

      Yeah, seems to be some sort of CH gathering. I see Streeter, Jeff and Susanna in the background.

  • s3xt0y

    the 4th chick is pretty good lookin ;p

    the naked wedding one is funny, plus those colored dogs look good, i’d like to do that to my dog lol

    the shark one is prob photoshopped.

    • Fred

      You think?

  • yh66600

    the first one might be from the brohemian rhapsody maybe after they filmed it.

  • Equalizer

    Police car fail, very funny. Marylin Monroe look alike, fail!

  • coisasdenivea


  • Spazzberry

    isn’t that Rene Zellweger on the right in the Marilyn Monroe pic?

  • F-oo

    I like the raver chick’s style!😀
    Those dogs.. heh.
    HAHA!! Public streaking.

  • furby

    is that pat cassels?

  • furby

    ok yeah, the first pic. is fake. those are all college humor staff lmao

  • robin

    the second to last one is a Heaven Smiles from the game Killer 7.
    also, the shark one is a shoop. the shark in the background is on google images. just search for great white shark.

    • Jack

      I don’t hink thats supposed to be a Heanen Smile (they have red eyes and are usually a single colour), I think thats supposed to be Carnage (a symbiote) from Spiderman.

      • Jack

        *think, *Heaven

  • Anonymous

    lol first ,
    fourth look lovely

  • vsundaraganesh

    hi this good

  • Jimz

    yeah #4 is hawt. why is she on this page?

  • Tommybshow

    first ones fake, thats the cast from collegehumor

    • dw0000

      was thinking so? that will get your ass shot quick

  • Anonymous

    12th pic was a protest for fair milk prices, when the discussion got heated they started trowing cowsh!t and hay at the cops.

  • Anom

    The first one looks just like Patrick Cassels from CollegeHumor. That fake picture was FAIL on this site's part.

    • Tim


  • suzal42

    The girl with the bright hair? I slightly love her.

  • Anonymous

    the first picture is fake… the guy reaching for the gun is pat cassels he is a comedian the girl talking to the cop is sarah (idk last name) another comedian. in the back is fellow comedians that all work at collegehumor the well known comedy website…

  • Someone

    Isn’t that Joe on the last pic?

  • davey

    What shit

  • tosser united


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