Oh yeah, this is totally normal (23 photos)

a this is totally normal 8 Oh yeah, this is totally normal (23 photos)

I promise there are no normal pictures in THIS POST either.

  • psarae

    Air conditioned biffy for the win:)

  • HellHathNoFury

    Great post, ladies! Hot guy with the bear, by the way. he’s got a show on Discovery or something like that

  • Digitsis

    Lady with the purple ‘hat’ (looks more like a sleeping bag rolled up) is going to scare the horses with that thing.

  • MavericksHMB

    I wanna know how long it took those two guys to get down into the “splits” position, and if they’re still there?

  • emorocker360[chloe]

    last one i can’t belive santa would really let him

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  • Sam

    The one with the guitarist in the bin is a busker who plays in Oxford I think😀

  • godzilla complex

    where the hell is the guy with the blue stuff on his face from the link i clicked? i feel cheated. boo.

    • Valentine

      I KNOW
      i hate when that happens
      now i wanna know why
      he had blue on his face

      • w.e.


    • Ken

      Yea I feel Cheated to. This sucks. False Advertising!!!!

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  • eshwar

    the last pic, santa and that guy. rofl

  • Mook

    Wth how did I get to the female side of the internet?

    • RoseRogue

      You were assimilated, mister Mook.

  • dracofilt

    LOL 3>3>3>

  • Bigfoot

    Caption for the second last pic:
    “They couldn’t tell if I had asked for a beer or a bear, so they gave me both.”

    The name of the beer packaged with the sandwich, Zagorka, means “behind the hill”.

  • sarah

    Lol @ Bigfoot – I thought of a caption – well a few (naughty tho) for the guy & the big cat.

    thought the pic was ace..I want one (Cat or bloke – dunna mind😛 )

  • passerby

    the wedding picture. the expression on the old man's face!

  • dumbledork

    i am so going to duct tape myself to a bench now and see what people do xD haha thats awesome

  • ohyouknow

    hahha okay the baby in the mud looks like an accident or something happened. so i dont think that ones funny, kindaa sad actually. ahha but the rest were funny (:

  • Locode

    the last one looks a lot like that Jet Blue flight attendant.

  • Anonymous

    Dis is da gayest

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