These inventions flopped (21 photos)

a not the best idea 6 These inventions flopped (21 photos)

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  • Digitsis

    Some of these are precursors to things we use now. Tiny tv/video screens, virtual reality headsets for gaming. Not sure why the dog grabber thing and just what is going on with the woman and the car with the glowing tires?

  • leo22cuervo

    I believe I have seen the last glasses in some dougebags pictures😛
    I don’t know what’s the invention in the picture with a jar of honey


  • Laura

    LOL a yodeling meter? Really??

  • Megan

    Jesus that baby-hanger is all sorts of dangerous.

  • Marilyn

    those glasses at the end look like the inspiration for the glasses that kanye started wearing! LOL!

  • cookiemonster

    I dunno the glowing tires looks like a cool invention

  • PCDT3

    those glowing tires are awesome if those were around today they would be more popular than ground fx

  • Shane

    Honey, who was dumb enough to think anyone would want honey?

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  • Anshu

    Also consider this:He used an abndeonad building (cheap)He used equipment he already had (cheap)This type of thing is easily duplicated by any strobist, except for perhaps the big mats on the floor. Know any martial artists? I’m sure they’d like some cool photos. Try a martial arts school – ask for cooperation/participation in return for the photos.Kudos for Chase – for showing us we don’t have to wait for a paycheck before we become creative.Oh, wait. Strobists do that every day. :^)

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