What if Japanese cartoons were real? (29 photos)

a japanese cartoons 11 What if Japanese cartoons were real? (29 photos)

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  • ChrisGT

    This is a pretty bad job. You can't just increase the eye size of humans and expect them to look like Japanese Anime characters. This is also the most terrible generalization of anime. A lot of Anime characters still have very human like proportions and still achieve a Japanese Anime look to them, but this certainly ain't it. Nice try though.

  • animei ^^

    eyes are sometimes oval shaped like 0 instead of horizontal… but also, in some animes imgagine drawing one of the chicks with the ridiculous sized boobs? it's like barbie all over again >.<


    these people really need to learn what anime looks like..

  • David

    Frightening, yet strangely arousing. I have a student with eyes almost this big. The girl with anime eyes!Hydrogen

  • David

    Hmmm. How'd the word Hydrogen get in that last post??

  • guest

    Japanese animation always has been so fake looking with the sharp hair and giant eyes.It's a wonder why so much of it is around these days.These photos show just how much.

  • firekiller


  • Anon

    Eh, I don't think they really look anime. All that's happening is the creator of the photos is stereotyping anime saying they all have huge eyes. Hardly, only a few with big eyes come to mind. Primarily Pokemon and DBZ

  • pjorrt

    ew wtf, how shit. do it right or do nothing at all.

  • guest

    @Anon Japaneze animation is holding true here.It's both shitty and weak. True to form,LOL

  • Polar Avenger

    Was this done with photoshop? Some look like alien women. Especially #'s 3, 4, & 5. #4 really creeps me out! She looks like the one who… Nevermind.

  • Just a Horsecock

    If Japanese cartoons were real, people would look like excrement, just like in these pictures. Oh and it also would not be possible to tell the difference between male and female, because they all look like anorexia ridden tramps, which is why the 'women' wear skimpy clothing while the 'boys' are always buttoned up. Fuck the creators of this filth.


    I have NEVER been a fan of anime… ART IS BASICALLY THE SAME…. STORY LINES ARE BASICALLY THE SAME… You get a hero/es then give a certain power… Then they start of weak… Then they become very strong if they are angry….. THIS IS WHAT I CALL "SSDD CARTOONS"… SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY CARTOONS….. BORING!

  • Alex

    …I would actually be ok with some of these walking around in the real world.

  • http://www.anontalk.se The AnT

    Those are worth one thousand, indeed. I'm surprised no one went for the REALLY big-eyed style, though. You know, the style where the eyes cover 1/3 of the face.

  • banksiaman

    my thought urghhhhhhhhhhhh



  • Zoner

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  • bloomfever2002

    super creepy

  • Jesus Christ

    I'd still hit it. Evangeline Lily doesn't look at that different. She has big eyes in the first place.

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