Photographer: Iain Crawford (16 photos)

a iain crawford photographer 0 Photographer: Iain Crawford (16 photos)

Check out more of Iain’s beautiful photography HERE.

Click HERE to see more art!

  • Natalia

    The last 3 photos are gorgeous!
    I think there’s a bit too much in the other ones though.

  • Sameer

    I’ve been developing inrnetet sites since the mid 90s and seen out VRML, Supervision3d, Director (shockwave), DHTML, Java Applets (&%$!*@) and have been developing on PHP, .Net and Flash for the last 5 years or so. This message may seem like an elaborate CV seed (hello mum!), but all i want to say is that the dev community seems to be getting partisan at the drop of a hat these days. The Truth is, just as HTML5 snuck up, so did AJAX, so did shockwave, and I have no doubt, one of the browser developers (or perhaps a new one) will introduce features that the others will baulk at, but will eventually be consumed into the thread of the inrnetet. This is a great industry but you have to accept change, and ignore the huff and puff.I am still as excited now messing around with Flash, Canvas and the DOM as I was 15 years ago, messing around with Layers and transparent GIFs, simply because it will never stop changing.I love working with Flash, Canvas has a mountain to climb and the plugin (Flash or otherwise) is not dead. The browser makers are too stingy to introduce cool stuff into their browsers (semantic web? meh), and the online population is rising ever quicker, so the gap is still there for the taking.Some of the work done in stage3D is breathtaking, and shows that Flash still has a few tricks up its sleeves. It’s a shame Microsoft didn’t put more effort into creating a Flash competitor with Silverlight we may have had a more feature led Flash future.

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