What does it mean to purse your lips? Here, I’ll show you (17 photos)

a lips purse what 1 What does it mean to purse your lips? Here, Ill show you (17 photos)

What does it mean to go overboard with self tanner? HERE I’ll show you…

  • hipporox

    oh no…

    • Levitating

      thats what the doctor thought after seeing his mess
      fucking bdd

      • william

        shutup cursing of i black yo eye meet me at the park by madison street 7:00 pm be there

  • Xavia

    if I ever want botox injections, somebody please kill me.

  • Sarah

    That is disgusting.

  • HellHathNoFury

    wow…well at least none of them look like cheap bimbos *snerk*

  • Megan

    actually, #6 with the flower in her hair—her lips look like they are just naturally big. she’s purdy:)

  • Digitsis

    Good gawd! Don’t any of these people own a mirror? And Megan I think the same about #6. Those may be her own lips.

  • furby

    you think those lips truly belong to #6? maybe she is a supreme lip bandit… you never know

  • John

    Oh my god what's wrong with their lips? It looks like they've gotten some sort of sexual disease

    • lissilvia hayward


  • missmisery

    This face is also known as the duck face. Hos like to make it 'cause they think they look hot. When really now they just look like dumb hos.

  • missimallthat.com

    ugly people

  • missimallthat

    numba 11 look funny to mi.

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