Afternoon eye candy: Shia LaBeouf (17 photos)

a eye candy shia labeouf 19 Afternoon eye candy: Shia LaBeouf (17 photos)

Click HERE if you want to see Jesse Spencer’s eye candy post!

  • Veronarat

    Oh my god he is so hot! I

  • HellHathNoFury

    He is quite cute. Is that my number on his wrist in pic 2? I think so.

  • psarae

    He looks 14 to me:/

  • hipporox


  • Digitsis

    so much better looking than any of those Twilight/New Moon guys

  • LOL

    Ok. I’m all for the fresh young little boy toy thing.:) But I’d love to see some vintage Sam Elliot…maybe, oh hell…what’s his name…Magnum PI…Tom Selleck…that’s it. Patrick Swayze back in the day…guys who could sweep me off my feet and show me how the west was f’ing won…;) I just can’t picture Shia in a Stetson with a pistol on his hip…know what I mean? 😉

    Still…a good gallery Emily. Thanks. 😉

  • Rawr

    Yeah…I’d pretty much do him…like really hard…

  • Megan

    I just see Louis Stevens ^_^

  • Theresa

    Never thought he would grow up to be so yummy!!

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