Gothic, punk and/or emo (20 photos)


a goth punk or emo 4 Gothic, punk and/or emo (20 photos)

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  • IDE


  • girl with a emo bf

    my bf is emo he is just a normal guy with a different style. i think its good that people are different and i love the people that go out like emo's cause they arent afraid for commentary like this!

    • http://gothic caroline

      I thicnk its awsome and graet

  • stormlion

    OMG-that's all i can say!

  • random

    Every single one of those people in every single one of those pictures would make a perfect poster child for "Daddy didn't hug me".

    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people..?

  • pulgo

    dont consufed us the black metals hearts whit all these fucked emos

  • woot

    alot of these are a fashion called visual kei, not emo :p

  • sykomorphine

    #14 cyber goth <3 luuuvvv it soo cute. and the visual kei guys are awesome ^-^

  • sykomorphine

    same w/ the punks btw <3 they're awesome too. meh. emo is ok if you aren't a deppressed douchebag about it.

  • ella

    Not all these are goth, there's punk and metal in this as well. get it right.

  • hinge

    most of these aren't goths, twit.

  • Cassie

    most of the people on here are not even "Emo" as people like to call it the correct definition is Scene. "Emo" has nothing to do with dress style. I think it's retarted that they link Scene with these people considering most are either goth or punk. Or just plain weird. Just get this straight there are many types of dress styles out there and people don't dress that way just because they are "Emo", they dress that way to express themselves. Just because someone cuts themself and they dress scene doesn't mean that all scene and goths, and punks are emo as well. I know plenty of people who dress in hollister who cut themselvea. It annoys me that just because you dress punk or goth or scene your automatically catagorized as Emo!!!!!!

  • Fiona O Donovan

    kinda insulting putting mighty punk into the same album as emo….

  • yousritta

    je vous adore les gotic

  • SGA

    Well…only like 2 of these could even 'maybe' be goths…most are emo and metal heads…with a little chunk of punk. Not the best photo reps anyways…nice try…

  • esa misma


  • nathann

    so shit.

  • Anonymous

    Omg i going to have nightmares

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