Afternoon eye candy: Brady Quinn (21 photos)

a eye candy brady quinn 11 Afternoon eye candy: Brady Quinn (21 photos)

Click HERE to see an inspirational post about cancer survivor Sean Swarner. He’s sooo cute!

  • jeff in Australia

    Naked men again…!
    Please…. I’m trying to eat breakfast…!

    • Tommi

      That is Breakfast

  • LOL

    Another new rule…hot football players must ALSO be shirtless at all times.:)

    Jeff…who needs food if that guys at the table?!? Oh my……

  • Sarah

    THANK YOU!!!:) He’s so fine!

  • cookiemonster

    call me old fashioned but I still loved those buff guys, gotta love those abs

  • Allison Hartnett

    Hot damnnn ♥

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