• HellHathNoFury

    When I was in the hospital last year, looking disgusting and feeling worse, I told my daughter she didn’t have to stay if she was grossed-out. She shocked me half to death by saying, ‘But I love you, so I’ll stay even when you’re icky and the books are boring.’
    Apparently, she knows more about love than most people.

  • cds2112

    this is one of the best collection of photos i have seen since getting taddicted to chive

  • maganda

    i agree with cds2112 here. the best so far. not even another senseless post about that Fury woman can ruin it.

  • Anonymous

    I miss being a little Kid, and then you grow up and realise its all bullsh*t

    Love is Universal

  • boneman

    anonymous…not quite.
    Sure, add a few years and it seems like a thing that won’t come back, but…
    be patient and alert.
    Love comes again, if you let your heart reach for it.

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