Kid’s drawings reenacted by photo artist Yeondoo Jung (18 photos)

a kids drawings reenacted 0 Kids drawings reenacted by photo artist Yeondoo Jung (18 photos)

These works were produced by Yeondoo Jung who is one of Korea’s outstanding photo artists. This project reenacts children’s drawings and turns their fantasies into real world. Check out more of Jung’s work here!

Click HERE to see cool kids!

  • HellHathNoFury

    this is kindof awesome! I’m sure kids say…yes that’s exactly what I meant!!

  • ...

    this is absolutely adorable looks like something of the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada runway .

  • Beth Nerkowitz

    They are not Korean. Those are clearly Hebrew characters. Idiot.

    • You're so wrong

      LOL. If you had ever seen Korean and Hebrew writing, you would know they are too Korean characters. Hebrew looks nothing like that. In addition, Yeondoo Jung is most definitely a Korean name, so I'm not sure why she would have drawings from kids with Hebrew writing. In the future, perhaps you should refrain from calling someone an idiot until you're positive you know what you're talking about, because you definitely failed here.

  • Kat

    Yo, why do these Korean people have so much time on their hands? Seriously. Get a job!

  • Picasso

    Kids can’t draw worth a crap. They’re basically terrible at everything.

    • Leilani Medule

      Bwahhhhaaaaaaaaa, I agree! I say it all the time… Kids suck! 

  • sue


  • sue

    pure talent wish i had thought of it.

  • Dan

    As an artist I wish I could paint without fear like kids do.

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