Afternoon eye candy: Chris Evans (26 photos)

eye candy chris evans 23 Afternoon eye candy: Chris Evans (26 photos)

Oooh la la… men & suspenders! Click HERE if your curiosity is piqued…

  • Sarah

    Very nice:)

  • Xavia

    this guy is just gorgeous.

  • Psarae

    He looks just like my cousin matt:/

  • hipporox

    he kinda has that jerk look, but he is actually pretty cool in interviews

  • sp

    do posts on:
    henry cavill
    jamie dornan
    and jim sturgess

  • A

    am i glad i stumbled onto this site!

  • Mad

    Yup, hes handsome alright!

  • Kirsten

    He is so handsome. At first, I thought he looked cocky. I've heard him speak and he is really humble and pretty intelligent.

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