Teeth should stay in your head, not on your jewelry (10 photos)

a tooth jewelry 2 Teeth should stay in your head, not on your jewelry (10 photos)

Jewelry by Polly van der Glas. Click HERE to see more!

Have you seen the human hair jewelry? Click HERE to check it out!

  • Equalizer

    Tooth Fairy’s Bling-bling!

  • Romina

    Better than killing an animal for it!

  • Anonymous

    ew they just look like little white buttholes

  • G_fierce

    yuckieee… tis’ for the poorboys with no blingys haha

  • furby

    not gonna lie….. i want one

  • Rofl

    Wow that is the must disgusting thing, having some random person’s tooth on your hand, neck, ears o.O Fucking strange people on this world.

  • http://roninsherpa.wordpress.com roninsherpa

    Yeah. No.


    Thats just nasty even rotten teeth?YUCK!i would never do that onlyshark teeth are cool but nothing else,like really?

  • Anonymous

    Ew. If you are a cannibal. Maybe.

  • http://blogs.philadelphiaweekly.com/style/2010/01/04/open-wide/ Open Wide | PW Style | A blog about style, fashion, beauty, arts and culture by Philadelphia Weekly

    […] We think it’s weird enough when people save their teeth. It’s even weirder when the dentist or orthodontist thinks it’s cute to give us a mold of our teeth. Tooth jewelery? Skeeevy. You don’t have to take our word for it, take a peek for yourself. […]

  • me


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