Sunday brunch (36 photos)

a sunday brunch 21 Sunday brunch (36 photos)

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  • jeff in Australia

    Thank you…. The female work ethic is shining through…. Notice that the lazy bastards on
    ” the other side “, don’t have a Sunday page.. ( even if it is Monday here..)
    AND thank you most of all, for not having any men with loose morals, showing their bodies for the carnal pleasures of frustrated female persons…!
    I hope you realize how difficult it is to type while pressing one’s tongue against the inside of one’s cheek…!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I know kids get hurt, but that little girl has a huge black bruise across her face already and yet he’s holding her by just her feet? I hope she doesn’t wiggle.
    And enough with the Sarah Jessica Parker…oh.
    Now that I’m done bitching, great post though. Superly awesome pics! and ditto what Jeff said.

  • Phil

    the hotel 2nd last pic… awesome

  • Anonymous

    dude just sitting on the edge, looks scary!

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