Morning coffee (23 photos)

a morning coffee 19 Morning coffee (23 photos)

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  • HellHathNoFury

    Great pics! I wonder if you thumb-war your brother for the best ones?

  • jeff in Australia

    What hell said..

  • jeff in Australia

    Hoping it’s OK to use her first name…?

  • Brandon

    Burger Queen is some seriously epic white trash

  • Darrika

    Dat nigga in da second picture ma cuzin Ronald!

    • jeff in Australia

      You must be very proud.

      • Darrika

        Yes I am proud. Rood.

  • Psarae

    AUGH DICE quit breaking the laws of physics!!

    • jeff in Australia

      M. C. ESCHER… Look him up..wonderful stuff..!

  • Aa


    • jeff in Australia

      ? fish…?

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