• Jon

    sweet. Though the boat one with the pier is a fake. Saw it on Mythbusters years ago.

  • Jon2

    These are fuckin great

  • Jhon

    I have been getting the slniet treatment from my boyfriend or is he my ex? for about two weeks. This started a day after he left the state for three month, so it truly adds to the anxiety I am expeieicning.It all started several months ago when I tried to open up to him about a traumatic event in my life that occurred just before we met. He told me that he does not get involved in other people’s problems, although I opened up to him in an attempt to get him to ease up on me with his criticisms. It started out with small little things that I just blew off in the beginning, and has escalated to completely negating my feelings and my whole sense of self. I have been experieincing PTSD for about six months and am pretty sure I’m having a nervous breakdown.When I tried to talk to him at night (even about minor stuff), he would actually get up and leave the house and not come back until the next day. I was not allowed to talk to him at certain times! Sometimes when I was having a particularly bad time, he would start by hanging up on me, telling me not to bother him while he was eating and threaten to not come back.I can understand if this man just absolutely cannot deal with what I need to talk about, and I dont need to confide in him. I’ve even stopped trying on that subject for the past couple months it’s just that he still uses it against me to blame me for everything that goes wrong and makes me feel like I’m nothing because I’m crazy. Then, a couple of days before he left, he told me that he just wanted to be friends while he is away for three months he fully expects me to go to therapy and be fixed by the time he gets back. We had lived together for a year before this. I wonder if he is relishing that I am now doubly anguished with the fact that he is probably having an open relationship against my wishes, and he expects me to be happy just to see him when he returns.Now, am I crazy or out of line? This almost feels like abuse from him! Help.

    • Amb

      I believe it is emotional abuse, my mother and I have delt with it ourselves from my father. By no means are you crazy or out of line. A relationship is suppose to strengthen each person, comfort each person; not break them down. I also know that problems, crises, pasts, cannot be 'fixed' at a whim or within a set time period. You have a right to be happy, a right to have a person in your life who is there for you, who will listen to you, and you to him. If you feel as if you are having a nervous break down, speak with a doctor for your own sake, not anybody elses. To put this on here shows you are strong. I can't say what you should or shouldn't do; but you deserve a life of happiness, and I hope that you find it.

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