I thought wax figures were supposed to be replicas… (25 photos)

a wax figure 5 I thought wax figures were supposed to be replicas... (25 photos)

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  • Sarah

    Oh wow! Those are bad. The only one even close is Whoopi’s. The Sandra Bullock one is just plain scary looking. bad bad job.

  • lucy

    Which one of the last pic is the wax figure?

    • Psarae

      Augh you beat me to it!

  • Anonymous

    Yea no kidding…. they nailed Michael’s.

  • Matt

    WOW bad. They all look terrible. Except for the MJ one. I can’t tell which one is wax and which one isn’t.

  • aaron

    Britney and Michael Jordan are the worst.

  • Anonymous

    Which one of Michael Jackson is the wax figure, both?

  • mimidee

    pic # 20….my mom has a vcd of that LOL

  • Anonymous

    Last pic: You know you’ve fucked up when your waxwork look more like you than you do.

  • messyafro86

    Bruc wllis’s looks more like will arnett.

  • SilentThunder

    Last one’s a joke right, they’re both the real MJ.
    If you add up the wax on both sides, it equals one fake MJ😉

  • DebBeeM

    whoever is making these should be fired! these are so horrendous that if i was one of those celebs i would definitely do everything i could to make them take them down!

  • alucard

    the mj23 looks like the old man from D six flags commercial \ (0..o) /’-‘

  • Lori

    I think it is safe to assume these came from one of those cheap wax museums. Although, even Madame Tussaud’s sometimes gets it wrong.

  • kaka

    lol @ the obama one. it looks nothing like him! it looks somewhat like a tanned white man.

  • jason

    First of all- do your homework. That's supposed to be a Bob Hope wax figure, NOT Jack Nicholson.

  • Kelly

    are u sure that's supposed to be lindsay lohan? it looks absolutely nothing like her.

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