Afternoon eye candy: Sean O’Pry (16 photos)

a eye candy sean opry 3 Afternoon eye candy: Sean OPry (16 photos)

Looking for someone more rugged? Click HERE.

  • Sidra

    Oh, wow. He’s a pretty one.
    He has a very Irish facial structure, which makes sense with a name like Sean O’Pry.

  • Anonymous

    something tells me that he probably doesn’t like our kind….

    • jeff in Australia

      As a male… Seems to me that most of the “pretty boys” that appear on these pages, once they look in the mirror in the morning, they have no love left to give to anybody else…
      Male or female…!

  • sabrina

    I especially enjoyed his one or two word answers to the interviewer. "What are you thinking about when …."Try not to Trip" Blah blah blah…friends with other models…"We don't talk about modeling." He seems like quite the conversationalist. Ah well…I guess you can't have it all.

    • Jen

      i totally agree, sabrina. "you just sit there and look pretty, sean…oh and take off your clothes"

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