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    […] Would you wear human hair jewelry? […]

  • Anonymous

    i wouldnt wear them
    but i dont see anything wrong, lots of weaves are made of human hair…..

  • mandy

    My stepsister had cancer and had to shave her hair and made a bracelet with one of her locks and it wasn’t “gross”.

  • cheryl

    I have recently found hair that belonged to my grandmother when she was a teenager. she has been deceased for 30 years but I remember her like it was yesterday. I would love to have something made from;this hair and wonder if there is someone out there to make it There is a lot so if this person would like it to make other jewelry to sell that would be agreeable.

  • http://zyczeniawalentynkowe.net.pl/ Święty Walenty

    I never thought I'd be done for human hair could look so cool. Very clever. I wonder just how often you need to wash them:)

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