I equate cats with sneezing but these lil guys are worth the Kleenex (19 photos)

a cute kittens 3 I equate cats with sneezing but these lil guys are worth the Kleenex (19 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    ahhhh….. cutness overload!!!

  • Aa

    Oh… too sad…. miss my kitkat

  • Felicity

    The guy with the armful of kittens is photoshopped. He really only has 4 or 5 kittens.

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  • cookiemonster

    I love cats

  • David Rozgonyi

    For anyone interested, the second picture from the top (jumping cat) was taken at the so-called jumping cat monastery in the middle of Lake Inle, north-central Myanmar. Built several hundred years ago, the monastery stands on stilts and is home to some 300 jumping cats, which the monks train by using tiny dried fish as a meditation. A most excellent place, as is the rest of Myanmar.

  • http://playtexbras.tumblr.com playtex bras

    “Nohand gallery!!!! search google!!!!”

  • maryjaneplain

    Oh my god so cute. I fostered a lot of kittens in the last two months so I can identify with the fellow holding 20 million kittens – if you are interested in saving a cat or kitten, all my foster kittens went here – http://www.foundanimals.org/pet-adoption/adopt-pe… – Don't shop ADOPT!

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