Coulrophobia: abnormal fear of clowns (17 photos)

a i hate clowns 15 Coulrophobia: abnormal fear of clowns (17 photos)

Click HERE to see some nightmare-inducing dolls!

  • edmar pita

    aceita parceria com uma pequena blog brasileiro?

  • Mona

    some of those clowns are really scary!!!!
    No wonder some people have coulrophobia……

  • Sarah

    I’ve never had a fear of clowns…..until now, thanks. lol.

  • battleangel

    Can’t sleep. Clowns will eat me…….

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  • Felicity

    I’m a bad clown, I’m a bad clown! I do cocaine!!!!!!!!

  • Lindsay

    “I’m Dr. Rockso, the rock-n-roll clown! I do cocaine!”

  • Rezdoc

    Clowns have always scared me. Same goes for puppets, marionnettes, ventriloquist dummies, etc. Yuck.

  • Puhzz

    Isn’t that Will Weaton (Wessley Crusher from Star Trek – The Next Generation) in picture 15???

  • Dew


    This is a great one too:

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  • top dog

    I thought clowns were suppose to be funny, If I had seen some like this when I was a kid I would have shit my pants for a week.

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