I promise there are no normal pictures in this post (19 photos)

a not one normal pic 4 I promise there are no normal pictures in this post (19 photos)

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  • Sarah

    nice way to start the morning. lol. I’m envious of the giant rubber band ball.:)

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  • Anonymous

    Pic 16 ‘Fuck, I don’t remember eating that!’

  • boneman

    #1 Just a normal scrambled egg and pancake fetish. Oh, wait. That’s tequila but instead of lime, they’ve used a lemon!
    #2 You can SHAVE the baby? How come a baby needs shaving? Tell ya what, I’ll get back to this one.
    #3 Bread man doesn’t want to be shaved, so…that’s normal.
    #4 Stamp guy has a new way to get waxed.
    (say…are all these about shaving?)
    #5 The cop on the left has a brand new nostril hair cutter (you can see it in his belt) and the cop on the right tried to use it…somewhere else…and it hurts so he put some soda pop on it….
    #6 number 21 might shave points
    #7 She gets a hold of that fly, she’s gonna shave it!
    #8 Look! You can shave the baby! (and we wish they would)
    #9 And an upside down idea to keep junior from a ‘close shave’ with bashing into that pole. (unless he (bonk!) oops…he did. He jumped out.)
    #10 Speaking of ‘close shaves’ I had one last night, and this is the answer….Hey! At my age when y’gotta go, y’gotta go!
    #11 The kid isn’t old enough to shave and yet he ruins a perfectly good kool aid and smokes? He is banned from the bathroom.
    #12 That’s his pet behind him, and the baby he’s holding. And yes, they wish he would shave.
    #13 Well, I guess we just found out who owns the “You Can Shave the Baby” dolls, eh?
    #14 This is a new brand of Japanese shaver. The guy here actually had a full beard just moments ago!
    #15 Especially after she gets waxed. But right now? The child is more pleasant…
    #16 “HEY! Who’s been shaving in the toilet? Dang it! Someone come and clean this fish!”
    #17 Girls, if you have too much hair on your hooves, just use Magic Hair-Off.
    #18 It may be hard to believe but, the guy (the one on the right) is butt naked. Yup. Hasn’t shaved in weeks.
    #19 Probably shouldn’t have been shaving her legs while she was texting AND driving AND putting on make-up….

    Nope. About the mosy un normal thing here is that guy with a lemon in his tequilla. Oh, wait…that’s a Long Island Tea…nevermind.

    • HellHathNoFury

      0_o I thought I was bad.

    • ladyguitarstar

      Do you actually think people scrolled up and down to see ho witty your commentary on each pic was?

      good god man get a life! jk jk, its the holidays so i said jking.

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  • routecars66

    All the pictures are funny…ROFL

    specially the guy with a bottle in his ass

  • route

    All the pictures are funny…ROFL

    specially the guy with a bottle in his ass

  • Jimmy

    What a nice post… so funny.

  • niceguy

    Very funny hope you have time to post some on http://travelworld101.com/board

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  • poleteletravail

    Oui photo très drôle!

  • fallingnotflying

    you kept your promise

  • http://breadtobeeaten.wordpress.com breadtobeeaten

    AHAHAHAHA… you can shave this baby!

  • tzszk


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  • Soldier

    I assure you that the fly swatter is not abnormal, Arabian flies are Big, Many, and Damn Aggressive. I hate those fuckers.

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  • rega

    you know what they say……only in china…and yet….the douchebags will still remain the american trademark

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