Wedding day: more than just vows (23 photos)

a wedding day 12 Wedding day: more than just vows (23 photos)

The last beautiful photo of the guy jumping into the pool was taken by Denise Cregier. Check out more of her work here!

Click HERE for more WTF wedding pics!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I hope me wedding is as fun as some of those! Both the pool pics are just so awesome.

    • jeff in Australia

      I hope that for you too… nice new pic of you… you surly have no need to paint that face..

      • jeff

        I still do.. or… was it ?

  • mai

    cant wait for my wedding!

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  • j

    some of these are really weird while others are plane normal and cute, like the 2 kids covering their eyes while the couple kisses, or, well thats the only normal one. but what the hecks up with the star wars dude?

  • j

    why is this pic on their?

  • Ashley

    These people epitomize class.

  • jotirazum

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  • inkstained

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