The Jersey Shore: reason #2,453 foreigners hate America. (23 photos)

a jersey shore 21 The Jersey Shore: reason #2,453 foreigners hate America. (23 photos)

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  • Sarah

    soooo many dumbasses, so few bullets😦

    • RadiatorLady

      Great reference and works perfectly here!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Make it stop, mommeh!!

  • jeff in Australia

    What you say is the truth…. But you must remember that is the attitude of America we “hate”,
    dislike, would be a better description. The “you the people” of America are not included.
    Apart from the above type people of course, the pics, ( not hell, he quickly hastens to point out…) but “they” are everywhere. At the risk of sounding racist, “they” don’t look American to these foreign eyes…. All things considered, you seem like an all right bunch…!

  • jeff in Australia

    Any discussion on the above views would be more than welcome…@

  • Todd

    I see and hear rednecks

  • B.E.R.

    I hope the photographer of this set killed him/herself upon completion of this shoot, once they realized that their career could get no worse from here.

  • Mary

    Ohh my God. Note to self, stay far away from anyone who could conceivably be nicknamed The Paris Hilton of Trenton.

    I’ve seen clips of that show. It’s like they took the people that could give Jersey a really bad reputation (or a worse reputation, depending on your opinion) and stuck them on a set together. The girl with the black hair, too much eyeliner, and the really fake tan seems to say “like” every 3 words. They all seem like they’re a few bricks short of a full load.

    Oh and as to the guys on Jersey Shore, here’s a thought: the ‘gangsta’ signs or whatever the hell that is that you’re doing with your hands, it looks stupid. If your IQ is *really* that low, then…well, just keep advertising it with the weird hands, the idiotic behavior, and the strange speech (yes, I am disregarding the accent) that I can only guess is the result of neurological damage from frequent drug use. The gene pool thanks you.

    Also, I am perplexed as to how pretty much all of them made The Duckface. It must stop.

  • Jenna

    omg these people are such douchebags, it just makes me sooo sick!

  • slim

    all i see is douchebags, with tarts…am i wrong here?

  • Jen

    me too! they are retards. but they are entertaining retards.

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  • Anonymous

    I love the the jersey shore cast. Pauly d Ronnie and vinny are really cute. I think mike is ugly. Snooki and jwow are pretty. Sammi and Angelina are really ugly. Sammi Angelina and mike are stupid idiots.

  • Mal Baba

    stupid whores, nothing more than sluts

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