Afternoon eye candy: Ryan Reynolds (21 photos)

eye candy ryan reynolds 161 Afternoon eye candy: Ryan Reynolds (21 photos)

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  • Xavia

    what a handsome man he is.

  • mai

    remember to breathe…..*gasp*

  • holly

    now i must watch every ryan renolds movie i own…..props to the wardrobe dept. for realizing shirts just get in the way……Mmmmmm

  • Ashley

    oh man. love.

  • Jess

    Deadpool FTW!

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  • Antha

    Honestly, nothing will be better than Ryan in Two Guys and a Girl. One of the best shows ever. :]

  • Mrs.RyanReynolds

    Be my baby’s daddy?

  • Anonymous

    Good God.

  • Rina


  • Jen

    the things i would do to that man….

  • vanislandgrl

    he's on the market again, ladies!! 😉 Merry Xmas to y'all~

  • Ashley


  • DaniiSwe

    LOVE his body!

  • @SharpInk

    I can has Ryan Reynolds? >;)

  • Theresa

    Hello Hottie McHothot😀

  • Addi

    People Stayy awayy From Ryan Cuz I Own Thiss Guy!!!!

  • 林孟萱

    Ryan Reynolds

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