• HellHathNoFury

    Odd how some people can make you never want to see denim again, and others…please keep wearing it. Just. Like. That.

  • asfanRei

    Haha the Arrested Development pic, nice!

  • digitsis

    2nd to last … is that from theOutsiders? Looks like Matt Dillon and Patrick Swayze

  • Aymara

    Emirate has the worst service ever! If you fly coach and if you are an Indian fnilyg from NYC to Dubai, you probably are in for some Narcissistic treatment.DON’T FLY EMIRATES unless you are white. They treat Indians and Black people very badly.I flew on their new A380 thrice now but the staff were the worst of any airlines I have ever been. I didn’t have any issues with the ambiance or food.Its a shitty service and arrogant staff.INDIANS PLEASE DON’T FLY EMIRATES

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