Props to whoever can walk in these (18 photos)

a john shoe 8 Props to whoever can walk in these (18 photos)

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  • Sarah

    wow, those are some ugly shoes!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Um. This is why I wear slippers.

  • Saleshia

    Umm that’s why you niggas stay home on Saturday nights…. I be twerking those Dior fertility idol shoes thank you very much! Gonna find maself some of those Miu Miu’s too!

  • chloe

    Yikes! i❤ them!

  • miko

    i like high heels but these are just over the top

  • digitsis

    silly what some women will wear

  • Holly

    I’m surprised Victoria Beckham’s shoes aren’t on here!

  • laiqah

    its funny where the worlds heading at thts why i stick 2 kicks and those hideous things actually cost a fourtuneeeeeeee wow.

  • ch0nies

    Saleshia is a tool.

  • Briana

    Paging Lady Gaga.

    We found some of your shoes.

  • donnie

    Hideous! Period! Wouldn’t be buried in either pair…I’ll stick to Minolo B’s…though he has been known to produce some funky shoes….lol. But you can’t go wrong with a pair of Mary Jane’s. =)

  • donnie

    uh, Manolo’s…sorry Mr. B!

  • gypsy

    I dont get why you cant wear the black snake skinned ones with the wooden heel or the sparkly silver ones at the top, they're wedges for gods sake, some of them are ridiculous but definitely can be walked in if you know how to walk properly in heels, which I do, thank you very much. And the ones with the balls were all over the runways this year so thats why there's so many of them, and heels that have a platform in front are alot more sturdier than just a high stiletto….whats wrong with the silver/gold ones? And the shiny red ones, I'd kill to have a few off this page.

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  • SamanthaD

    Lady Gaga can!!!!

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