Afternoon eye candy: Adam Van Koeverden (15 photos)

eye candy adam van koeverden 21 Afternoon eye candy: Adam Van Koeverden (15 photos)

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  • Brandon

    Heh, this guy was in a couple of my tutorials/classes at university.

  • Saleshia

    Unf unf unf stick it in me papi! Unf unf unf!

  • Mad

    woo canada:)

  • jeff in Australia

    At last, a guy that looks and acts like a guy….
    Last pic… Roots has an entirely different meaning here. It’s something he would do with the other person in the pic. Don’t think the odor of that would sell too well here….!

  • A

    there sure do make ’em fine up here in Canada😉

  • Ashley

    Um, damn.

  • Nabila

    you miss the saceirst tricks at the 51st Morocco Shriners Circus last weekend? Opinions varied as to whether the most heart pounding tricks were the two motorcycles

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