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  • Jess

    wow she actually has talent, who knew? This is music I’d definitely listen to once in while

  • Mad

    She’s full of talent, all her live music is just as inspired…. I love the unplugged version of pokerface.

    Thanks for this!

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  • shey

    why didn’t she do something like this instead of the crap she does now?

    • j

      the “crap” she does now sells millions of records in a post mp3 era–which i think is somewhat a good measure of success for her. if you listen closely to her music today, it has very similar elements, just simplified and packaged for commercial viability

      • Toban

        ….so it sucks

        • Ray

          like you could do better lol. U criticize her for singing differently when most of the NEW AGE listeners love it, and let me tell you that is the majority of the population. she KISS ASS

    • Jocelyn

      maybe she was fed up with not being successful..
      at the end of the day you’ve got to be able to pay the bills..

  • wow

    i wish she made music like this AS WELL as stuff like Poker Face and Just Dance.
    I like both types of music!

  • Bella

    She’s so f-ing talented, love it.😀
    We have that crazy casting-show in germany right now and the peopz just can’t sing at all, it’s a disaster ):
    And then you have that crazy Gaga-Lady, she’s so good.😀
    Love her voice, her piano playing.. *-*

  • Yesica

    she sounds like cristina agulara. sorry if i spelled her name wrong

  • Heather

    Frankly, while she may make more money being “Lady Gaga”, I’m sure that STEFANI’S family must be somewhat taken aback by seeing her woman parts all over the internet and television. She may have a decent singing voice but she’s F**KING WEIRD AS HELL and no longer uses her singing abilities to her benefit. (By that I mean she is not ACTUALLY singing as Lady GaGa and uses a lot of auto-tune while in theory she shouldn’t need it.)

  • Rachael

    Agree with Heather 100%. she’s squandering her talent.

  • Jan Schaffer

    I’ve been looking all over the internet for her lady parts and I can’t find anything. Link me up please.

  • Rayn

    Probably went the pop route since it’s hard to compete in the Dresden Dolls/Jill Tracy space. Or got locked into contracts being young and naive and is both loving and hating what she’s doing at the moment. I hate that ANR (is that the right acronym) people go looking for talent and know it when they see it, but if an artist’s style and image doesn’t fit the popular music of the time they’ll trick them in and work on style changes until the music is no longer you and call it success.

  • In your face,haters!!!

    Who says she’s talentless and a 1 hit wonder?She has been working very hard before the world know her as Lady Gaga.When she performed at Nha Trang,Vietnam(Miss universe 2008),she was nobody.Just an example for you ppl to see that she does not just pop out of nowhere and become famous.

  • Gman

    It’s not about better or worse. It’s about selling and entertainment. And… being a songwriter and performer myself (Kill The Alarm), I can tell you that the songs she is releasing now, are just flat out much better written songs. Don’t get distracted by the “weirdness” of her. Anybody can play her current songs and they are great in any style. That’s how you know. And as far as the outfits… it’s just stuff to make sure people are always talking about her. Whether they are talking about her for her music, her weird clothes, stupid hats, and/or sexual preference… we are all still talking about her. That is the goal in the end. No different than how Cher or Madonna went about it. Make people discuss you for one reason or another

  • Angle

    Well maybe she wears crazy outfits because that’s what she wants to wear and because she’s expressing her inner nature: kooky and creative. Ever thought of that?



  • Simm

    how old was she here?

  • Cory

    Its not that she squanders her talent, she uses another set of talents to go beyond what anyone else has done. Its because of her that the more electronic/dance style of pop music has become more mainstream. If you wanna look for talentless copycats, try Ke$ha. She attempts to do what Gaga does, and yet only looks like a talentless whore, while Lady Gaga manages to impress alot of musicians. That alone is a good indicator of talent- when a musician both respects and appreciates the music an artist puts out, whether they personally listen to it or not.

    As to the weirdness, yeah its completely a media game. She has managed to play the game (stardom) better than anyone these past few years, and manages to stay in the spotlight without letting scandals darken her image. Its definitely off the wall, sometimes offensive, but people wont always talk about the safe side, unless they've got something strange to compare it to (ie. these comments). So all in all, she's an excellent musician, with excellent PR skill, managing to make a good deal of money, enjoying herself, and actually inspiring other musicians. Personally, I don't think I could call that a waste of talent.

  • http://www.mycigaretteshop.com/ Michelle

    I really like her voice, she is doing something wonderful in the world of music. Good For Her to have so much success in such a short period.

  • http://www.womans-world.info/ Monique

    She really has talent , like her voice!

  • Maia

    I love her voice, she has talent!!!
    her music is much more than poker face, or let's dance. There are many other songs in her albums that are great and with less effects where you can appreciatte her beautiful voice!!!
    I think she is perfect doing what she does. The lyrics are also great and with her way of dressing or her make up she has put her own seal in this bussiness. I think she is more than 15 minutes (of fame), she worked hard to be where she is, and because is really talented (writing songs, and singing them) she always will find the way to continue playing her music.

  • http://www.cigarea.com Alexis

    she was a talent.. but now…

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  • virginiaworld

    She attempts to do what Gaga does, and yet only looks like a talentless whore, while Lady Gaga manages to impress alot of musicians. That alone is a good indicator of talent- when a musician both respects and appreciates the music an artist puts out, whether they personally listen to it or not.

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