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  • maganda

    love the bathroom

  • Dave

    That cowboy shirt is badass

  • Barb

    A lot of the jobs I have had, made me see the stupider sides of peploe, and it has slowly made me lose faith in humanity. People seem to genuinely suck, especially whilst driving. This perspective of the human race is unhealthy, annoying, and stressful. Sure we are all a bunch of morons (myself included). But We cannot loose faith in each other, no matter how much we may sometimes piss each other off. In the end, peploe are peploe. And this is just the nature of who we are. Anyways, the reason I am posting all of this, is because I just watched a video, which quickly made me realize how special, and awesome we can be. this simple video has given me renewed faith, and hope, in us the human race.

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