Soon-to-be Mrs. Katy Brand (20 photos)

a katy perry russel brand 2 Soon to be Mrs. Katy Brand (20 photos)

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  • holly

    really katy, really? i don’t understand this….she’s beautiful…and he needs a bath…..

  • asfanRei

    I actually think they make a good couple.

  • jeff in Australia

    Whatever gets you through the night…. I did notice that she wears someone else’s clothes though… The lack of bumps in the white “shit” t-shirt, compared to the borrowed pink dress that comes with boobs…!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I am reminded quite clearly of Elizabeth Swan and Captain Jack Sparrow. Beautiful and unconventional meets bizarro fruitcake-o

    • jeff in Australia

      I wouldn’t describe Ms. Swan as ” bizaroo fruitcake”, a little strange, but…
      I agree Jack is quite handsome, beautiful is a little over the top, but….
      Do you get the British version or is it an American copy..?
      Tourchwood you reply…

  • MallySann

    I probably wouldn’t marry a guy who wrote a book detailing his sex addiction with heroin addicted prostitutes

  • MallySann

    I probably wouldn’t marry a guy who wrote a book detailing his sex addiction with heroin addicted prostitutes….but she’s not a very good singer so..meh

  • not impressed

    Russell Brand is cool. I like him a lot. He;s done many funny things, has some achievements, had his BBC podcast, tv programmes, book, conquered crack addiction,has wonderful sense of humour, etc.

    Kary Perry is not ugly, she;s got 2 songs that you can/could hear on the raadio, and has a ncie body. That’s it about her. her voice is crap, and she’s religious.

    As far as I can remember Russ used to make laugh of God or Jeasus whatever that was.

    I have mixed feeling about this relationship, either she;s just good in bed or I don’t know.

    I give it another couple of months😀

  • ladyguitarstar

    Is she brittish?

    he looks rough

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  • Digitsis

    What is wrong with his eyes? He looks perpetually suprised. Should he ever shave and brush his hair they will look remarkably alike. I am betting this engagement will end before they get to the altar.

  • ttrexxx

    so weired it might work “beauty and the beast”

  • LiaMMV

    There already is a Katy Brand. Let us hope for heaven’s sake that the lady Perry does not turn out to be more like her with marriage!

  • Bunny

    Great hammer of Thor, that is powerfully hplfeul!

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