Friends with benefits

dancing to tik tok Friends with benefits

urlesque thumb Friends with benefits Some ‘Tik Tok’ dance routines for ya (above)
lemondrop Friends with benefits Can men and women be ‘just friends’ as adults?
hd large Friends with benefits She weighs in on Lemondrop’s ‘just friends’ inquiry
college candy1 Friends with benefits She hates people who are good at everything and look pretty at all times
pop sugar Friends with benefits Beckham goes shirtless in Italy
frisky Friends with benefits With a doormat scale, you may get far fewer guests
thechive Friends with benefits These brides are crazy!
facebook theberry Friends with benefits Click HERE to become a fan of theBERRY on Facebook!
theberry 120 35 Friends with benefits Do you have funny, interesting, goofy, awesome pics? Click here and email them to Emily!

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  • HellHathNoFury

    The Stefan parody was the best! I’m so blasting that when I drive through the ghetto.

  • Laura

    Dear youSUCK, Have you ever seen a web site exactly like the chive? With the cneommts, the randomness of the galleries, the uniqueness of everything chive? I’ve seen some similar things yes, but exactly the same? No. Then if you add in the satellite sites, like thebrigade & theberry well I like to think that this site is special. And things that fly in other sites well they just don’t work here. To me, saying “First” brings the chive down a little. I’d much rather read something intelligent, articulate and thought provoking, than the inane blathering of some idiot that has nothing better to do than troll the internets looking for a cyber cherry to pop. As for Miss HHNF we are getting married on the 33rd of Juntober. Our flowers are petunias and lillies. Get back Jack LOL (I’m kidding she is cuter than a bugs ear tho. ) Chive on.~LOL

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