Nerds unwind with Coca-Cola and Chocolate (14 photos)


a nerd party 21 Nerds unwind with Coca Cola and Chocolate (14 photos)

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  • bryainiac

    this was weird

  • KP

    too posed

  • KK

    They’re not nerds. They’re a bunch of hipsters with glasses on.

    • Ian

      Look at those fucking hipsters.

  • Captain Pasty


  • Lauren

    I dig the whole thing. I love the brainy underdog archetype. And creative, visually appealing photo spreads.

    Adding a hipster vibe just adds another level of visual and mental interest to the theme. I appreciate its execution. The dancing and the spin the bottle shots are brilliant.

  • exexec

    I feel like I just watched a Talking Heads video in 14 steps…

  • sander

    to obvious…

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