Cell phone runs on Coca-Cola? (8 photos)

a coca cola 0 Cell phone runs on Coca Cola? (8 photos)

Chinese developer, Daizi Xheng, is known to have a solution to short time cell phone batteries. On a single charge, the modified phone can last up to four times the length of a conventional lithium ion battery.

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  • mirou

    is it real? I can’t believe

  • top dog

    If that were true I’d have a whole $12.00 case of coke under the hood of my car instead of a $90.00 battery.

    • aphthakid

      Depends on how often you need to change it. The $90 battery lasts ten years. If you need to change the $12 case of Coke on a weekly or monthly basis, that’s going to be a lot more money in the long run.

  • dt

    Does that emit any carbon given the whole… soda thing?

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