Afternoon eye candy: Johnny Depp (24 photos)

a eye candy johnny depp 17 Afternoon eye candy: Johnny Depp (24 photos)

Click HERE if you are a fan of Clooney!

  • Anonymous

    Finally! Thank you!!

  • mai

    oh god yes!!!!

  • sarah

    He is so beautiful!

  • LOL

    All I need is a spoon. Ahhhhhhhhh…delicious. I love that he wears the little bead heart bracelet too. That’s gotta be something one of his kids made. 😉 Dedicated Daddy=sexxxxxy

  • Marilyn

    yes! Yes! YES! Y3$! OMG! i never pay attention to the daily eye candy, but… *swoon* *faint*

  • Kate

    Very nice indeed. He is so super delicious!

  • Anonymous

    What makes him really hot, is that he is such a great actor!

  • Mad


  • Anonymous

    i think he is very eccentric, but not so much of an eye candy

  • Laura

    I don’t think he’ll ever be unattractive. No matter what age, he’ll always be…hot. So very hot.

    • brendasays

      LOL i agree hahaha

  • Rachel

    Hottie hot hottie!
    I love my Ichabod-Scissorhands-Mad-Hatter-Wonka-Sweeny-Sparrow-Cry-Baby !!

  • cookiemonster

    definitely an eye candy, johnny depp is so hot

  • Анна

    безумно красив!!!!
    обожаю его!он один из лучших!

  • DaniiSwe

    I want him soooooo bad!

  • Donyell

    Dude, right on there btorher.

  • beavisfreak

    O_O I think my tongue might just fall out of my mouth.

  • Theresa Flynn

    My ovaries have exploded due to an overload of sexiness! Thank you!

  • damai

    My super, super..fav man hot, sexy dad, great actor, yummy!!!

  • Amanda berry


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