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heidi cc Friends with benefits

college candy1 Friends with benefits Heidi Montag looks like Jessica Rabbit now. Discuss.
pop sugar Friends with benefits Is Jennifer Garner as nice as she seems?
frisky Friends with benefits JWoww’s diet secret? 500 calories a day aka self-starvation
urlesque thumb Friends with benefits Japan has pretty manholes
lemondrop Friends with benefits He would rather talk about your ‘female Dr.’ than your ex on a first date
hd large Friends with benefits Look at you… you have a baby… in a bar!
thechive Friends with benefits But I don’t wanna grow up
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  • Amanda

    She looks absolutely horrible. She was very pretty before but now she looks plastic and scary. I think she has some serious mental issues. And I don’t mean just with her body. I mean for goodness sake she married Spencer Pratt. His personality sucks and he is ugly. She needs professional help before she ends up on drugs (if she isn’t already).

  • Laura

    While her boobs may look big and glorious in these pics, I bet it looks like she nursed an elephant seal underneath. Seriously, your boobs cant be expanded that quickly without having some really gross side affects…

  • NotCleverEnoughForARealUsername

    Personally, I think she looks ten times better. She does look different of course, but if you just saw her like this before you saw her without plastic surgery like I did you might reconsider. I never knew who this chick was until I saw her new face. It’s nice! Of course, she can’t hardly move.

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