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a celeb twins 10 Juxtapose two photos (11 photos)

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  • ysabel

    Natalie Portman & Keira Knightley

    Zachary Quinto & Eli Roth

  • BluSaturno

    ashley green and anna kedrick?

  • lau

    what about gerad butler and russell crowe ??

  • hhh

    it is not josh brolin who looks like christian bale. it is his father james brolin.

  • Pablo

    You forgot Bill Murray & James Belushi:)

  • Joanna

    Johnny Depp and Skeet Ulrich? really? r u blind or what? Kyra Sedgwick and Julia Roberts? omg! come on!

  • Gill Avila

    Ha! You left off Miles Davis and Lieutenant Worf!

  • stoner27

    Nobody seems ever to notice this… but me…
    Valentino Rossi and Hayden Christensen..
    If they were ever a movie about Vale, Hayden's the guy that must play him..

  • Lyla Rose

    I always thought Gary Busey and Nick Nolte were the same person, Al Pacino and Robert Deniro as well. I also agree with Natalie Portman and Kiera Knightly. Brad Rowe looks a lot like Brad Pitt. You would be surprised at how the youngest picture you can find of Angelina Jolie looks a little like Miley Cyrus(I would have to find it.) Renee Zellweger and Joey Adams(the girl from Big Daddy) resemble each other in speech as well. That is all I can think of right now but there are tons more. I have seen it so many times.

  • wtf

    Aww, c'mon, the last pic is cheating.

  • gollumizer

    pitt-redford: yes
    JLH-hepburn: no
    deschanel-perry: yes
    christensen-cyrus: no
    depp-ulrich: haaayyyyyllle NO!
    hudgens-kunis: i first thought they were related, but then found out that kunis is ukrainian, and hudgens is part philipino
    sedgwick-roberts: no, sedgwick is a whole lot prettier and a much better actress
    silverstone-lawson: yes
    wahler-farrell: no, tho both give off that douche vibe
    irelan-richard: yes
    palin-fey: teeheee, poor tina fey, yes.

  • blue-hawaii

    No way on Hepburn, she was in a class by herself, not even close to Hewitt. Hewitt doesn't even have that long graceful neck that Hepburn had. Also the young Redford in no way resembles Pitt. Redford was more masculine and macho, the only thing they be similar is that they both have blonde hair. Pitt has a boyish look, Redford has strong angular features, almost craggy and to me in my generation more a dreamboat then Pitt ever will be. .

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