Sunday brunch (38 photos)


a sunday brunch 26 Sunday brunch (38 photos)

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Do you like the intricate jewelry? Click HERE to find out more about Tjep!

The beautiful Marble Cave is in Chile Chico. I want to go to there! Photo source HERE.

  • boneman

    I really dig the paper cuts. Wish I had that much paience to so that sort of stuff.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I must have one of those heart gear necklaces. They probably cost one machillion dollars.
    That woman’s tattoo is amazing! I never made the Campbell’s-Marb connection. Ews. Anyone know where that cave is? The rocks are just stunning!
    This is probably one of your best posts that I’ve seen. Very good.

    • jeff in Australia

      Rather than a cave, looks cool enough to be the internals of an iceberg, or maybe a glacier… feel cold just looking…
      If I had a machillion…..
      Ditto Ms.H and Brandon…

  • Brandon

    Great post!

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  • KP

    I like the generosity of the last post……

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