The world is his playground! (28 photos)

His name is Matt Abbick, from Kansas City, MO. I’m partial to all the Chicago pics that were taken in my ‘hood…

Click HERE for more fun!

  • vitorla

    I count at least 7 Chicago pics. Very nice! Home sweet home.

  • Bob

    Does this count as chronic same pose disorder?

  • Regina

    OMG!!….BOB you took the words out of my mouth…LOL……CHRONIC SAME POSE DISORDER!!!!!!

  • BK

    One trick pony!

  • cmg

    boooring after first 4 photos

  • Doc

    Boring nothin'! The pose is a theme. The constant is the "impossible" pose; the variable is the location. Anyone who calls it boring must be jealous because they don't have the strength and creativity that Matt has. They probably haven't travelled much, either.____One trick pony? No. Read up on this amazing fellow to learn how versatile he is.

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