Duct tape taken to a whole new level (19 photos)

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  • bubble_rider86

    wow…that’s just awesomeness….some of those look really cool……

  • Verona

    seriously?? WTF, these kids have way too much time on their hands. Although they are all very creative and well thought out. Love the Alice in wonderland theme.

  • seamstress

    No this is a contest held by some duct tape company. The kids compete for scholarship money.

    • ummmwow

      Yeah, but the amount is ridiculous. Most of these get-ups probably cost more than the scholarship is worth. Though, maybe they’ll get into a good art school for their creativity…

      • ShutUp

        BTW: Its WAY cheeper to do this instead of waste your time on a dress and tux. They interviewed one of the winners, and they said it was 70$ total for both outfits+acessories

  • Regina

    I think I threw up and swallowed it while being in shock from these UGLY pictures.

    • Sarah

      Wow – feel the love off you….

    • Clara


  • brittany

    Butterly and queen of hearts are AMAZING!

  • TapeGal

    These things are awesome! And keep in mind, it takes MONTHS of free time. You guys think they do it all in a day! It Takes at least 2 MONTHS to make, per dress! Not to mention the tux.

  • del

    I made a tux out of duct tape today. its not as good as the ones on this page but it only took a day and $30, its really not that hard. Though the outfits on these pages look much more complicated.

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