I need your childhood (and other awesome) photos!

emily kid I need your childhood (and other awesome) photos!
Hey all!
Yes, that’s me during one of my many not-so-cute stages. I am in need of YOUR childhood photos ASAP! I want to make your awkwardness our reason to laugh here at theBERRY. Feel free to send other hilarious/awesome photos, too. Click SUBMIT up top or email images to theBERRYsubmit[at]



  • http://madamepower.wordpress.com madamepower

    I don’t know what your talking about, this is extremely cute!

  • Steven Douglas

    You’re crazy, that pic of you is absolutely adorable.

  • manu

    read da sign for 8 yrs older and under ? LO:L

  • memmyt

    what u talking about manu. it says old not older

  • joe

    you kind of look like sarah palin..

  • julie

    But why would your Parents put a sign up? lol

  • kdshfksjd

    she seems an 8 year old kid !

  • Richard

    she is def cute, you're too hard on yourself

  • cali

    you guys just don't get it.. the pic has nothing to do with the little girl looks, it's all about the sign. Its supposed to read for children 8yrs old and over not under.. are you going to put a 2 year or 1 month old baby on that? NO, it's for children 8 years and older. Get it now?

  • me!


  • france

    'cali' its not like it does much is it, so yes i would put a two year old on it.

    dont think this picture is an ''awkward childhood memory'' though :

  • The Radio Dude

    Cali, thanks for making us "true" cali folks look like dumb blondes you moron. Are you serious dude? I think you dont get it, I meaan seriously, are you gonna put a child 8 years old or older on that horse? Soo you would put your 15 year old jelly belly sister on there? right.

    Anyway, Emily, what do you look like now!? gotta a FB? :-)

  • Teresa

    I don't get it….
    The sign reads for 8 years and under.
    They didn't want big kids on it like teens.

  • Teresa

    Oh course an 8 year old could be big…i am hardly dumb but fail to see the humor.

  • Teresa

    Okay, for 8 year olds and younger it should read…not really taht funny.
    cute kid by the way.:)

    • Teresa

      typo…" that "

  • Britt

    Can you all not read Emily's caption under the photo???? It has NOTHING to do with the damn sign!! The first few people who commented were right by commenting on the girl herself because that is what the picture is about. Emily thinks that's one of her "awkward childhood photos" that was taken during her "not-so-cute" stages. This isn't rocket science people!

  • cathy

    I think you look really cute!

  • Guest

    Well, she coulda lost the glasses for the photo…. Other than that, cute as for an 8 YO, I guess.

  • oneweirdo

    I'd pet her

  • LocoLou

    Alrrrrighty…everyone who didn't get the point of this, you are now required, by Species Law to submit your own awkward childhood pic.
    They are BOUND to be the funniest!😉

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