Mike Stilkey creates beautiful artwork on spines of stacked books (14 photos)

Mike Stilkey is the artist in charge of these book spine masterpieces. Click HERE to cruise around his website!

Click HERE to see more fun with books!

  • Fenlock

    Looking at those first shots, i was thinking.. DAMN.. imagine the time that took to sort out all those white and black books and position them to make up the pictures of the face.. then i see he’s just stacked a bunch of books together and painted over them. Am i missing the point or is this a bit crap and easy?

    • Meve

      I thought the exactly same as Fenlock!

  • ummmwow

    They all look like Tim Burton renditions of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter…

  • sasha d

    i agree… stacking the books to make an image would be impressive… simply painting on the bindings… not so much. what’s wrong with regular old canvas? HMM?

  • why bother

    Still awesome… but not as…

  • marko

    Very creative and amazing!

  • Digitsis

    I was expecting he stacked the books and created the image using the colours of the books. Stacking books and then painting on them … meh

  • lauren

    wasting paper! and good books! more impressive if he created them with the colors from the actual book covers

  • nay

    i thought it was a really interesting idea actually :L its just something a bit different

  • ktbean

    I think it's pretty awesome. I bet none of you thought of doing it–that's what makes it creative. Plus, these are probably all old books that are not being read, so what's the harm? Better than ending up in a landfill. I'd display one of the smaller installations.

  • hipsterproud

    psshh haters gonna hate, i'd love to see you try to do this and get as awesome results as he did

  • shelly kashyap

    i think this is a great idea to make painting… You gave a new idea of that people who do not purchase canvases.. good job.

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